Rp 3.000.000 / Bulan

  Opening in Bali property services

We are looking for property surveyor to scout properties in Bali

We are looking for an individual who:

  • excellent communicator
  • efficient
  • resourceful and able to think on their own
  • organized
  • have experience in finding a direct property owner

Assuring the right property owner are found, all property data are correct with its registration in BPN, shift through \"makelar\" will be key success for this role.

Your primary responsibility will be:

  • find and meet the property owner, your communication will be crucial
  • manage a database of properties
  • shift through makelar and their offers, verify their claim through regional BPN
  • know the market price for properties, the inflated price for foreigner will not be accepted

Requirement as follows:

  • exceptional communication skill
  • local and must be familiar with Bali area for finding the property
  • organized, driven 
  • have own transport

job type : local staff, IDR 3,000,000 / month for starters, have experience in property business will be paid higher

working hours:  vary from time to time,  based on the result of the land survey and how long it takes to confirm findings with BPN

to apply for this job:

  1. please send email to: scottbaliproperty@gmail.com, with the subject header \"application for property surveyor position\"
  2. please write one paragraph on your opinion of the state of the Bali property industry right now during this pandemic
  3. include your resume in English
  4. do let us know your experience in property and your role on that job experience

*** Failure to follow the above instructions will result in your application be dismissed.


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